FAQ / Blog

Q: WHERE IS HOTDAMNTV'S BLOG!?!?!? I care so much!!!
A: We appreciate your enthusiasm. It's RIGHT HERE.
Q: What the hell is HotDamnTV? Why should I care?
A: We're a sketch comedy group based in southern California, and you should care because our videos are better than 90% of all the cancer on Youtube. Also our blog is funny.
Q: I see that Aaron Ryder, Russell Carpenter, John Landis, Edgar Wright, Madelyn Marie, Mega64, derrickcomedy, and Bob $tencil have all made cameos in your videos. Why aren't you guys famous?
A: Because Ben Savage, Megan Fox, and Josh Brolin teamed up to have us all blacklisted.
Q: Are you guys qualified to be making comedy lulz? Let's see some credentials.
A: TK has a Bachelor's in TV-Film and used to work at NBC and Girls Gone Wild, Alex was voted Class Clown senior year of High School, and Grant was on MTV's Next.
Q: That's not that impressive. Show me some more credentials or I'm leaving your website forever.
A: HotDamnTV has been seen on ABC Nightline, Youtube, Know Your Meme, Facebook, Reddit, Fark, Blogspot, Hulu, Digg, 105.3's Mikey Morning Show, Spiked Humor, Celebuzz,, Funny or Die, G4, and Yahoo! News.
Q: omg I was totally in that one video that you guys shot, when are you going to post it so I can show my friends lol?
A: Whenever we feel like it.
Q: I love it when you post original comics on your blog, but why don't you do it more often?
A: We're not talented enough to draw funny stuff consistently. For hilarious comics on a regular basis, go here.
Q: Is TK actually going to shoot a sex tape with Megan Fox?
A: It will require a little bit of extra paperwork, since Megan Fox is a SAG actress and all of HotDamnTV's videos are non-union, but it's doable. We're still waiting for Lorrie and Chuck (Fox's agents at ICM) to return our calls.
Q: What does the scouter say about your guys' power levels lol?
A: Last time we checked it was 8,999.