Q: What is HotDamnTV? Why should I care?
A: We're a production company based in Southern California, and you should care because we've already produced a successful series called Crafty. Also we have our own Panasonic GH4, neato.
Q: What are you guys currently working on? I care so much!!!
A: We appreciate your enthusiasm. Our current project is "What's On Draft?", a new series all about brewers & craft beer.
Q: Why don't you produce comedy sketches anymore?
A: The cutthroat nature of the internet sketch comedy game proved too intense for us. Our "What's On Draft?" series will occasionally put out beer themed comedy sketches, though.
Q: I see that Aaron Ryder, Russell Carpenter, John Landis, Edgar Wright, Madelyn Marie, Mega64, derrickcomedy, and Bob $tencil have all made cameos in your videos. Why aren't you guys famous?
A: We are famous. Why else would you be on our website right now?
Q: I loved it when you posted original comics on your blog, but why don't you do it more often?
A: The blog is dead, long live the blog. Also we're not talented enough to draw funny comics consistently. For hilarious comics on a regular basis, visit our talented cartoonist friends at ToonHole by clicking here.
Q: Why are you guys so obsessed with beer?
A: In 2014, craft beer sales generated over $600 million in revenue in San Diego alone. It also tastes amazing.
Q: What does the scouter say about your power level?
A: Last time we checked it was 8,999.