About Us

HotDamnTV LLC is a Television and New Media production company based in San Diego. Originally focusing on sketch comedy at its inception in 2007, HotDamnTV has since shifted focus to reality television, and shortform content production for online distribution. After producing the successful reality series "Crafty", HotDamnTV began developing a new series called "What's On Draft?", which is currently in production.
Tom Kill-Illinoi

Tom Keliinoi (Founder/ Creative Director)

TK worked as a camera operator / grip in Los Angeles for a number of years before moving to San Diego to develop "What's on Draft?". He wrote, directed, and produced the "Crafty" reality series, and he once rescued a lost cat before the owners knew it was missing.


Aaron Mayer (Producer)

Aaron served as host and co-producer on the "Crafty" series, and is currently associate producer on the "What's On Draft?" show. He is also the head brewer of Acoustic Ales Brewing Experiment in San Diego.


Grant Paulis (Producer)

Grant also hosted and co-produced "Crafty" alongside Aaron. He enjoys homebrewing, and currently works as a camera operator in Los Angeles. He moonlights as a part-time veterinarian, and he is definitely not a real sommelier.

never go full ty-ty

Tysan Budd (Camera Operator)

Tysan works as a camera operator in Los Angeles for Hallmark, NFL Network, and more. His dad is John Travolta's stunt double, isn't that weird?

so powerful wow

Alexander Wolf (Writer)

Alex can deadlift 435 pounds, beat you at Battlefield 4, and he's also very funny. He served as guest host on the Coronado Brewing Company episode of Crafty.