About Us

If you really want to know what we're all about, this video will give you a good idea. But if you're interested in where we come from, read on: Tom Keliinoi (TK) made the hit Almost Porn! series with Adam Rebottaro in Kansas City in 2006, and when TK moved back to San Diego he formed HotDamnTV with Alex in 2007. For 5 years, we created original comedy blogs and videos, but the cutthroat nature of the internet sketch comedy game proved to be too violent for our tastes. Today, with the additional help of Grant and few other low-lifes, HotDamnTV produces a webseries about craft beer called Crafty. HotDamnTV is mostly TK doing whatever he feels like doing.

Tom Kill-Illinoi

Tom Keliinoi (Creative Director)

TK works camera/grip in Los Angeles. He likes to live on the edge, and he's so cool that he listens to music that hasn't even been recorded yet. And that's right ladies, he's single. Favorite beer: Deschutes Abyss


Grant Paulis (Sommelier)

Grant almost has a Bachelor's Degree, but not quite. He works on TV shows because he wants to someday have sexual intercourse with a pretty actress. Also he is a part-time veterinarian, and he is definitely not a real sommelier. Favorite beer: Pliny the Elder

Tysan's dad is John Travolta's stunt double. Isn't that wierd?

Tysan Budd (Camera Operator)

Tysan has his own website, so he's mostly shooting Crafty for fun. He's also TK's younger cousin and he goes full retard every day. Favorite beer: Firestone Double DBA

Alex "Don't Beat Me Up" Wolf

Alexander Wolf (Writer/Kettlebell Trainer)

Alex can deadlift 435 pounds, kick your ass at Battlefield 4, and he's also very funny. One of his life goals is to be in a situation that requires him to dive into a body of water with a knife in his mouth. Favorite beer: Coronado Scallywag Barley Wine